The Voice’s Danielle Bradbery adjusts to the spotlight

Danielle Bradbery chatted with reporters Megan Rooney and Olivia Harvey about her career after The Voice.

Danielle Bradbery chatted with reporters Megan Rooney and Olivia Harvey about her career after The Voice.

By Megan Rooney & Olivia Harvey   

Just two years ago, Danielle Bradbery transformed from a sweet and shy girl from Texas to being the youngest winner of the hit singing competition show The Voice.

“The Heart of Dixie” singer performed this past weekend at the Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular in Jamestown, New York, which will air on February 7, 2015 on ABC at 4 p.m. Eastern time.

We asked Danielle, now 18, about her approach to goal setting and her adjustment to fame.

How vividly do you set your goals? 

Danielle: I try to think of different goals like every week. Me and my management, we get together and kind of write down things that I wanna see happen in a few years, and name a few years and see if that happens and check it off. I mean I do it quite often, yeah.

How are your goals now different than they were during “The Voice”?
During The Voice it was kinda like a boot camp. I was learning a lot speaking in front of a camera, singing in front of lights and just people. Just learning different steps on how to be in the music industry. My goals were to get over that, i mean just get through the show. Now, it’s maybe being the female vocalist in the CMAS and those kind of goals are big, but it’s not too big for anybody.

What do you think are your biggest obstacles that you’ve had to overcome? 

Danielle: Probably my biggest one is to sing onstage and talk in front of people because before The Voice I was way too shy to do any of that. My confidence onstage grows everyday, so I think that’s the biggest obstacle I’m trying to overcome all the time.

What is your biggest insecurity? 

Danielle: I think my biggest insecurity is my image. The things I wear onstage or anywhere, I’m always concerned on what people are thinking of me, which is something I need to get over, but I think that’s my biggest one that I need to get over.

Who or what has inspired you to become a musician?

Danielle: Carrie Underwood is a big one that’s inspired me and Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift- they’re all kinda the strongest women right now in country and I grew up listening to them and I still look up to them no matter what I’m doing and it’s just, yeah those are my main ones.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

Danielle: My biggest supporters have probably been my family. They’ve been having my back since the beginning. The beginning, before The Voice, I was too scared to do anything and they kinda had my back to push me to do it. Through out everything, Blake has been a big supporter. He still talks to me to this day and tries to help out with everybody. My families a big one, my family and friends.

What did you learn from touring with Hunter Hayes?

Danielle: Hunter Hayes, that was a really fun tour, a young one. Dan + Shay was on it also. Hunter Hayes is really hyper on stage and has amazing stage presence. Every night I would watch his show, no matter if it was the same or night and every night I would learn something. He’d go from one side of the stage to another and in the crowd and you’d never know where he is and he is always somewhere different with his guitar. His talking points are perfect. There is a lot that I learned so there could be a list.

Do you have any like pre-show rituals that you do before you go onstage? 

Danielle: Me and my band get in a circle, and we pray every night before show. I think it eases everybody’s nerves and just everybody have a great show and just no one mess up and we just, I mean, it makes everybody feel better.

What advice do you wish you were given before the voice?

Danielle: I wish I was given the advice of just going out there and basically saying its not as bad as I thought it was. I loved singing but i always kept it to myself and I wish I had more c’mon, put me in voice lessons and all of that stuff but I never let myself.

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