Why does Spencer Boldman follow only three people?

Disney XD "Lab Rats" star Spencer Boldman follows only three people on Twitter!

Disney “Lab Rats” star Spencer Boldman follows only three people on Twitter!

By Marissa Saber   

You’d think a perk of being a celebrity is having thousands of likes on Instagram and millions of followers on Twitter.

But that’s not how Spencer Boldman sees it.

The star of Disney’s “Lab Rats” decided to take a step back from the social media world, which is why he follows only three accounts on Twitter. (In fact, since our interview just a few days ago, he reduced his follower count from five.)

Spencer, 22, told LSY that after returning from a few months away from Twitter, he realized he could spend valuable time going outside instead of staring at his phone. He also wanted to focus on the positives in his life, like upcoming projects, rather than on social media, which he said can be “very cruel.”

“It can get kind of overwhelming,” said Spencer, who still has 218,000 accounts following him. “I had to take a step back and I chose to focus more on the projects that I’m doing.”

Taking this break wasn’t an easy decision for him though; he struggled with it for a while. Spencer was worried about his fans and still wanted to keep in touch, this was one of the main reasons he started his Twitter and Instagram in the first place.

“It was not an easy choice,” he said. “The biggest reason was because the fans. I really truly love talking to them and connecting with them.”

Spencer is getting a chance to do that this weekend when he appears at Tween Stars Live in Detroit.

When we interviewed Spencer, three of the five accounts he followed were the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and CS Lewis Daily. (He’s since unfollowed the latter two.) Spencer told us he followed those select few because they are inspiring to him. If you check out Spencer’s Twitter, you can tell he loves to tweet inspirational messages to his followers.

“I really like inspiring quotes and I tweet a lot of quotes that I like and think are inspiring to myself and are inspiring to other people,” he said. “I follow those people because I wanted to I hear something inspiring. Social media is something I wanted to be more inspiring.”

Marissa Saber is a student in our program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo.


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    Great job Sabes!

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