For rising country star Charlie Worsham, dreaming is a stretch

Charlie Worsham with country music editor Laura Bierbrauer. (Photo by Patty O'Shei)

Charlie Worsham with country music editor Laura Bierbrauer. (Photo by Patty O’Shei)

By Laura Bierbrauer   

Setting goals is like listening to music.

It’s easy. Fulfilling, but easy.

Sticking with those goals is like playing an instrument. It’s hard. Challenging, for sure, and rewarding in the end.

But still hard.

But on-the-rise country artist Charlie Worsham has found the key to pursuing  the perfect balance of passion and determination when it comes to goal setting. He says that being flexible is a good way to set goals and stick with them. That eases the stress over when and how you achieve them.

“I believe in having elastic dreams,” Worsham told me during a pre-show interview this summer while he was on tour with Brad Paisley.

I believe in having elastic dreams.

That’s a powerful statement.  But what does it mean?

When I think of elastic, I think of a rubber band, as Charlie says is the name of his debut album, Rubberband.  But when I think of elastic dreams, I think of everlasting dreams.  Being flexible while setting goals is a good thing, but you should never give up your goal because you think it’s unreachable.

Chances are, it’s not.

Charlie says that one of his biggest goals is to become part of the Grand Ole Opry. It might take a while before it is achieved, but sometimes the process can be nearly as rewarding.

“If I’m better off and closer to my goals this year than last year, that’s saying something,” he said.

Staying positive and taking ownership in his career keeps Charlie’s mind in check when he feels like giving up or gets anxious.

“I keep growing and building this thing on my own,” he said. “I take a lot of pride in that. To keep seeing it get bigger and bigger and work and be successful, I think, is the ultimate.”

Laura Bierbrauer is LSY’s country music editor and part of our program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo.

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