Stage-door chat with Giuseppe Bausilio: On his way to becoming “awesomely famous”!

Newsies actor Giuseppe Bausilio did a quick stage-door interview with Amanda McNulty after a recent Broadway performance.

Newsies actor Giuseppe Bausilio did a quick stage-door interview with Amanda McNulty after a recent Broadway performance.

By Amanda McNulty  

Every actor’s hopes and dreams focus on that single word: fame. Known as one of the most difficult professions, it can take a struggling actors years, even decades, to finally land a role, but actor Giuseppe Bausilio is a seasoned pro at age 17.

The son of professional dancers, Giuseppe made his theatrical debut at age 10 starring as Billy in the hit musical Billy Elliot. Astonishingly, Giuseppe, a Swiss citizen, was asked to audition for the role when he barely knew any English! Giuseppe is now fluent in seven languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Swiss, and German.

After starring on Broadway and touring with Billy Elliot, Bausilio challenged himself with more adult themed roles, such as Melchior in the controversial play Spring Awakening and more recently with The Boy Who Danced On Air. When I asked him about how he dealt with the intimate scenes in Spring Awakening he said, “It was great, I loved it!”

Now returning to the Broadway stage again, Giuseppe assumed the role Race in Newsies and also understudies the second male lead. It was after a recent performance that the energetic (and quite charming) Giuseppe granted me a quick interview.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have of your life?

Giuseppe: Of my life? I mean, it’s awesome being seventeen and all. It is hard work. A lot of people think it’s, you know, great, but it definitely is very hard work.

You just finished juggling two shows at once (Irving Berlin’s America and Newsies) and you have three scripts (Race in Newsies, Davey in Newsies and Irving Berlin’s “visitor” in Irving Berlin’s America) running through your head. How did that affect your social life, your family life, and daily routine?

Giuseppe: I didn’t have a social life to begin with; now I don’t have one at all, but that’s OK! I mean, it was stressful at one point. I remember just freaking out at one point. I survived, so it’s good!

Finish this sentence: In 10 years, I will be…

Giuseppe: Hopefully super awesomely famous and stay the same, somewhat at least!

* * *

In only a few short years, Giuseppe Bausilio has conquered the Broadway stage not one, but multiple times, and encourages our generation to reach for their dreams and follow their hearts. I look forward to watching this young star’s career unfold and I’m sure his “super awesomely famous” years lie just around the corner.

Amanda McNulty is a student in our program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo.

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