Spencer Sutherland spreading his ‘Heartstrings’

Spencer Sutherland with LSY! features editor Natalie Brophy on a tour stop this spring in Pittsburgh. (Photo by Sara Bingham)

Spencer Sutherland with LSY! features editor Natalie Brophy on a tour stop this spring in Pittsburgh. (Photo by Sara Bingham)

By Natalie Brophy

Every artist remembers the first time they ever heard one of their songs on the radio. It makes the dream feel real, like all the hours of hard work are finally paying off.

It’s surreal.

It’s exciting.

It’s memorable.

Spencer Sutherland felt all those emotions the first time he heard his single “Heartstrings” on WNCI 97.9, the radio station in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

“Growing up I thought being on the radio would be so cool, but I never imagined it,” he told LSY! during a recent tour stop in Pittsburgh. “To hear myself on the radio station that I grew up listening to…it’s just nuts! It’s been playing for a couple months now and I still can’t get used to it.”

Of course, Spencer remembers every detail of that moment.

He was at a restaurant in Columbus with his parents and manager. They were the only people in the restaurant, which Spencer thought was strange at the time, but he didn’t give much thought to it—until he noticed the volume of the radio playing in the background suddenly turn up and the familiar voice of his hometown DJ saying some very unfamiliar words: “Columbus’s own Spencer Sutherland!” followed by the opening notes of his new song.

“I flipped out,” he admitted.

LSY! caught up with Spencer at Stage AE in Pittsburgh to see what he has been up to since we last spoke with him a few months ago.

Spencer has just finished his first-ever tour. He opened for Before You Exit, along with Plug in Stereo and Macy Kate, on their Dangerous Tour. Going on tour was a whole new experience for Spencer, but he loved every minute of it and learned a lot.

Being on tour has also convinced Spencer that music is definitely his passion and he wants to continue to pursue it.

“It’s super tiring, but at the end of the day, it’s what I want to do,” he said.

And of course, being on tour gives Spencer plenty of opportunities to interact with his fans.

“The fact that now I can go to Philadelphia or Raleigh, North Carolina and there are people there that know me is the coolest thing,” Spencer said. “I really enjoy when they come out.”

Having hundreds of girls screaming your name can be a little daunting at first and difficult to adjust to, but not for Spencer.

Hearing his fans get so excited brings a smile to his face and makes him laugh. Spencer loves the crowds and feeds off the audience’s reactions when he’s onstage.

“If they react to it, it helps me go crazy onstage. I love watching their reactions,” he said.

In the works for Spencer is an EP, set to come out later this year. Always keeping his fans in mind, he’s working with Grammy-winning writers and producers to pick a first-rate mix of songs that he hopes the fans will love.

“I really want to put music out there that the fans will like,” Spencer said. “I don’t want to just throw music out (there). I want to help them enjoy it.”

Like many other artists who are fortunate enough be living out their own dreams, Spencer realizes how important it is to give back to those who are less fortunate than he is. He uses his musical talents to give back through charity concerts that raise money for organizations like Make-A-Wish, A Kid Again and the Jamie Jameson Project.

“The fact that somebody can’t get something because of a problem doesn’t seem fair to me,” Spencer said. “I just think its super important to give back, no matter who you are. The fact that I’m being put in a position where I can is just fantastic.”

Natalie Brophy is LSY!’s features editor and a senior in our program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo, New York.


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