Musician Cody Kahmar balances fatherhood, entertainment career

Cody Kahmar's daughter is at his side as he builds his music career.

Cody Kahmar’s daughter is at his side as he builds his music career.

By Elaina Bolles  

Cody Kahmar is juggling his family and his rising music career.

The 24-year-old singer is becoming well-known for his brand of intimate and sometimes edgy pop. And he’s doing it while raising two daughters: Honovi, 7, who lives with him in Philadelphia; and Brooklyn, 3, who lives with her mom in New York.

Honovi has been close to Cody’s side for all of his career. (During our interview, we even got to experience a family moment: Honovi came running in the house after school.)

“Honovi is my sidekick,” Cody says, “She has grown up backstage.”

Honovi starred in Codyʼs music video “Friday” where he has to wait all week to see his daughter, but spends all the time he can that he has with her.

Cody’s own childhood was much different than his daughters’ experience.

Cody was born near Philadelphia. When he was 2 years old, his family moved to the mountains of Pennsylvania. By the time he was 13, Cody was back in Philly and hanging out in the streets of the nearby city.

Cody got into some trouble as a teen and young adult but he says he learned from his mistakes. The experiences he had growing up has resulted in his tenacity.

“It definitely made me an ambitious person and able to stick to music,” he said.

Cody admits that he didnʼt get serious about his music until he got laid off from a job. He described himself as always singing around the house and explained that a friend who had heard him singing was able to help him meet with a producer. Cody was able to continue networking from there and feels that he is good enough to make it big.

“Every day, every hour, I feel that I can get better at something,” says Cody, who recently taught himself how to play guitar and piano.

Honovi is right by him as he builds his music career. She is so used to being back stage and the whole music business. She has been able to see stars like Justin Bieber through her dad!

Although he exposes his daughter to much of the industry Cody still tries to shield her from some of the risque things stars are doing.

Cody says, “I donʼt keep her sheltered but she knows that some things are not for her.”

When asked if Honovi wants to be in the music industry when she grows up Cody says, “She wants to be an entertainer when she grow up, but I donʼt really push it.”

Elaina Bolles is a junior in our program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo.

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