For 300 bucks, singer-songwriter writes music, records & releases album by himself

Matthew Fowler built his own recording operation for $300.

Matthew Fowler built his own recording operation for $300.

By Gabby Gugliuzza 

Orlando singer-songwriter Matthew Fowler started to realize music was his dream at age 14 when he got his first guitar.

As he started at age 14, he learned to play in front of larger crowds at a restaurant owned by his parents. He got used to playing in front of people just for fun and boosted his confidence as he pursued a professional career.

“Music is the one thing that I envision myself doing,” says 19-year-old Matthew, who just released his first album, Beginning.

People assume that because of his young age that he’s not very serious about the industry. Matthew doesn’t let those opinions faze him, though. He really loves music. Not once has giving up crossed his mind or even been an option for the performer.

“If you want something, just go for it,” he said. “Do what feels natural and go with your gut feeling.”

Matthew worked hard on his own to make his dreams with music come true. He asked for no help from anyone, except for paying $300 to get recording equipment. He assembled it on his own and recorded by himself too.

“If it turned out terrible it was nobody else’s fault but mine, and if it turned out great it was nobody else’s success but mine, and I liked that idea,” he says.

Fowler had a lot of motivation for someone his age, and was very independent. Recording on his own was a challenge, but skipping out of hard work wasn’t an option.

Nineteen-year-old Matthew Fowler's new CD features music he's been writing since age 14.

Nineteen-year-old Matthew Fowler’s new CD features music he’s been writing since age 14.

“If something is too easy to begin with,” he says, “it will eventually start to get hard and you won’t know what to do.”

Being a young teenager going into the music industry, Fowler didn’t find it too challenging. He tells us it’s a matter of finding the right people and the right opportunities.

Matthew’s music sounds like music similar to Damien Rice, The Swell Season Official, and Ray LaMontagne.

Music that is written by Irish musicians and songwriters really inspires Matthew. The music made it clear to him that this was what he loves.

“There’s something very pure and honest about their music that inspires me,” says Fowler.

Matthew to be able to go somewhere where people just want to hear music and actually enjoy it. And to achieve this goal he wants to perform as many shows as he can.

As he’s planning his career moves, Matthew asks himself, “What would my biggest fan want from me?”

And he guides himself by this simple advice:  “Go with your gut and if it feels right, do it.

Gabby Gugliuzza is a senior in our program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo.

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