“Lipstick” singer Alexa Ferr’s “rugged pop” crossing the continent

Toronto singer Alexa Ferr is now splitting time between her hometown and Los Angeles.

Toronto singer Alexa Ferr is now splitting time between her hometown and Los Angeles.

By Lydia Maher  

Toronto seems to be a hotbed for musical artists — Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Crystal Castles, Feist and the Barenaked Ladies all come from southern Ontario.

Could the pop singer Alexa Ferr be next?

After performing in venues around Canada’s largest city, the 19-year-old is now splitting her time between Toronto and Los Angeles.

In January of 2009, Fulcher Agency sent the budding pop star to a talent convention show in California. That led to callbacks from music producers in Los Angeles and New York City. This was where Alexa made her mark. Soon after, she was signed by Dauman Music/ Universal Music Group and from then on, her fan base grew.

Alexa’s official bio describes her music as “rugged pop.” Her recent single “Lipstick On The Glass” adds a new twist on R&B pop. It seems inspired by David Guetta, and has Bohemian Rhapsody-like transitions from faster to slower beats and a sultry feel you’d expect in a nightclub. She also recently released an acoustic version of her song “So Hard (To Love You),” which showcases her passionate vocals.

In a recent interview, I asked Alexa about her biggest influences like Demi Lovato, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna. She told me about how she looked to these people and worked hard to create her own sound.

“I kind of grew up listening to Brandy and Michael Jackson so my music has sort of an R&B pop sound,” she said. “I also loved to watch Disney Channel and Demi Lovato. I looked up to her as a role model so I’m definitely incorporating that into my music.”

When we talked about how she was able to walk onstage for the first time, Alexa’s unusual answer caught me by surprise.

Alexa Ferr says the stage "just felt natural for me."

Alexa Ferr says the stage “just felt natural for me.”

“When I went on stage, it just felt natural for me,” she said. “It felt … right. I can definitely talk in front of a crowd.”

The natural born performer lives out her passion by singing her music to thousands of fans and doesn’t feel shaken up? She was born to be in the spotlight.

I wondered: Was there ever a time Alexa felt like she wanted to give up? How did she get through it?

“There are definitely times when you are hard on yourself and feel like giving up, but music is such a big passion of mine and its all that I know,” Alexa said. “It is something that can get me through any situation. It’s such a strong part of my life. I have to remind myself that this is really what I want to be doing so in the end, all the hard work will pay off. I’m going to go through ups and downs in my career but that’s okay because it will only make me stronger.”

Being a professional singer, Alexa’s life tends to be pretty busy. How does she handle business and the need to express her creativity at the same time?

“It is a job, but it’s more fun for me,” she said. “I don’t take it as a business. I don’t go into a studio thinking that it’s something I’m investing my entire life into. It’s a hobby for me. I absolutely have to take it seriously when I go to meetings or to the studio, but I don’t want to take it to the extremities where I wont be enjoying my life with what I’m doing. With any passion that you have, you have to be in love with what you’re doing and cannot imagine a life without it. That’s what music is for me.”

Lydia Maher is a reporter in LSY!’s program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo.


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