Hitting up Pittsburgh with Before You Exit

By Tim O’Shei  

For me, the coolest thing about LSY! is seeing our reporters (who are also students) nail an interview and find a good story. Last night in Pittsburgh, at a cool venue called Stage AE in the shadows of the Pirates and Steelers’ stadiums, we were 4-for-4.

A group of our reporters from Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo headed to the Steel City for The Dangerous Tour, headlined by Radio Disney stars Before You Exit. The idea for the trip started with Becky Harms, a first-year reporter and high-school senior who – to understate it  a bit – is an enthusiastic fan of BYE, a band of three brothers. When I started LSY!, the goal was to turn student fans into well-practiced journalists and put them in front of their idols to demystify all the notions of fame and glamour. By interviewing and writing about these celebrities, we’re ultimately trying to answer a single question that’s simultaneously simple and complex: What is it really like to be you?

You’ll see her story in the coming days, but know this: Becky got the answer.

The same is true of Natalie Brophy, who interviewed rising pop singer Spencer Sutherland. (This was a follow-up to fellow reporter Rebecca Wojcinski’s phoner with Spencer earlier this year.) Ditto for Sarah Brill and Patty Caputy, who worked with photographer Jenna Delmont to tag-team an interview with swimmer-turned singer Macy Kate, and Sara Bingham, who made her LSY! debut by chatting with Atlantic Records recording artist Trevor Dahl, who performs under the name Plug In Stereo. (Cool fact: He’s also the writer of One Direction’s “Truly Madly Deeply.”)

We’re excited to develop the stories and publish them soon. In the meantime, check out photos from Pittsburgh below.

Tim O’Shei is the founder of Live! Starring … You! and the author of 62 books.

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