Fifth Harmony reveals the truth about Twitter

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony at WKSE-FM Kissmass Bash 2013. Photo by Tim O’Shei

By Catherine McDaniel 

Having that little blue verified checkmark next to your name on Twitter will almost always make someone want to look more into you.

But have you ever wondered what it felt like to be the person behind the account?

To find out, we talked to the five girls of Fifth Harmony, a rising pop group that was created by Simon Cowell on season two of The X Factor.

When I spoke to them this week before their last show of their Worst Kept Secret Tour we found some interesting things about what its like to have such a busy Twitter.

When I asked, “How do you handle all the notifications?” Lauren Jauregui admitted that when her X Factor audition first aired, she had actually turned off her notifications. Her phone was constantly going off because people were instantly interested in her.

The members of Fifth Harmony filled in LSY's Catherine McDaniel and Christina Keefe on celebrity Twitter life. (Photo by Tim O'Shei)

The members of Fifth Harmony filled in LSY’s Catherine McDaniel and Christina Keefe on celebrity Twitter life. (Photo by Tim O’Shei)

Then I asked how they find tweets from other celebrities who have verified accounts. The reaction was absolutely priceless!

Immediately the girls with responded with a chorus of “I don’t knows.” Lauren shouted, “I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU DO THAT!” Normani Kordei then informed us that most of the time they will find out if, say, Harry Styles tweeted them, through the fans and their responses.

We also found out how to grab 5H’s attention on Twitter. If you’re ever trying to get noticed by one of the girls, think of a super creative name for your Twitter — they love what their fans can come up with! (Example: Camila’s Mole.) Dinah told us that she especially likes when the fans make funny pictures and edits, especially when a fan took a shot of her from a meet-and-greet picture and put her on a surfboard!

Catherine McDaniel is a teen reporter in our program at Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo.

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