Inside boy band fame with Colton Rudloff of Midnight Red

Colton Rudloff was discovered on YouTube by the other members of Midnight Red.

Colton Rudloff was discovered on YouTube by the other members of Midnight Red.

Ten shows.

Fourteen days.

One national TV appearance.

And a phone call to us.

That was Colton Rudloff’s life over the last two weeks.

Colton is a member of Midnight Red, a five-person group being marketed as “America’s Boy Band.” Colton and his fellow band members (Eric Secharia, Joey Diggs Jr., Thomas Augusto and Anthony Ladao) had just finished two weeks of opening for Austin Mahone on his MTV Artist to Watch Tour. Today, Colton was calling us from New York City after a national TV performance on the Today Show.

We could hear the other guys in the background also doing phone interviews promoting their new single “Hell Yeah” and upcoming tour with The Wanted.

Here are some cool things we learned about fame from Colton.

— Mackenzie Klaiber, LSY! teen reporter, Mount St. Mary Academy

1. There is no wall between us and our fans. Colton never expected the family-like bond he shares with the guys in Midnight Red.

“We’re all brothers,” he said.

Colton was discovered on YouTube by the other guys in Midnight Red. He also explained to us that being a part of the music industry is not all business. There is so much more.

“We want to be successful for ourselves, for each other, and for the people we work for,” Colton said.

He also told us that he never expected how connected he would be with his fans.

“It’s incredible,” he said. “We are so normal with them and I didn’t know that it would be that easy. Our fans love us in a way that I never knew was possible.”

2. You don’t eat as much as you think you would. Colton told us how busy the music industry really is.

“You don’t eat as much as you think you would — you’re running around a lot,” said Colton, who had a case of the hiccups during our call. “I love food, but it is amazing how you forget to eat it sometimes because you’re always going, going, going.”

Even though being a part of a boy band isn’t easy, Colton thinks it is all worth it.

“I get to do things the ‘average man’ doesn’t,” he said. “I get to travel and visit cities I didn’t even know existed and I get to meet so many new people that you connect with that you never thought you would.”

3. You have to learn patience. Colton shared how important it is to stay connected with fans while trying to handle the spotlight that comes along with his career.

“Everyone is connected with you if they want to be,” Colton said.

Social media plays a huge role in the lives of Midnight Red in order for them to stay so connected to their so-called “Redheads”!

The guys love following fans on Twitter, replying to tweets, and even doing contests where you can win tickets to shows, Midnight Red merch, and even phone calls or video chats from the guys!

“It is very important that we are connected to our fans and we are interacting with them on a social level,” Colton said.

Midnight Red is going on tour with The Wanted.

Midnight Red is going on tour with The Wanted.

4. Take yourself seriously, but not too seriously. Colton explained that knowing who you are is so important while trying to handle the spotlight. You need balance and to know the difference between your career and your normal life.

“You have to know who you are,” he said. “People are going to believe in you and people are not going to believe in you, but we all believe in each other. We know nothing can tear us down.”

 5. You have to develop a tougher set of skin. Although Colton knows how important social media is in his career, he knows to be careful. People can be mean, but celebrities have to remember to not let haters get to you. Just keep your head up!

“People can say whatever they want to say,” Colton said. “There are going to be people on the internet that just want to be a jerk which has taught me that certain things are not important and the things that are important are the people that support you.”

 6. Never give up. We asked Colton if there was ever a time when he wanted to give up.

“No, I’ve never felt that,” he said. “Even more and more as you go along with the experience, it only enhances how much you want it.”

Colton knew being in the music industry is what he always wanted to do. People are going to say no, but you have to believe in yourself and always follow your dreams!

 7. It’s hard work. Making it in the music industry may seem like all fun and games, but that’s not the truth.

“Friends from back home and people I knew sometimes tend to believe things are all starlight, when really there is a lot of hard work that goes into getting to this point that we are,” he said. “And really there’s so much further to go.”

Colton added, “Some people assume that everyday is going onstage and just having a good time. It is that, but there’s also a lot of work that goes with it.”

You have to work hard and always put 100 percent in whatever you do.

8. You can be simultaneously special and normal. Having thousands of girls that adore you isn’t a very normal experience to have. So how does Colton keep a sense of normalcy?

“You have to have good friends and family that are willing to let you know what’s right and what’s wrong,” Colton said. “I think that’s when people tend to fall off the wagon as far as being full of themselves or thinking extra of themselves. They need people around them to remind them you’re just a normal guy. That’s how we really are. We’re just five normal guys and we happen to have something special.”

Midnight Red recently released the single "Hell Yeah."

Midnight Red recently released the single “Hell Yeah.”

9. There is no specific formula to achieving your goals. “You have to have the drive to never give up,” Colton said.

If you want to become a professional performer you must remember that something positive always comes from a negative.

“People are going to say no,” Colton said. “Never giving up and always having hope is very important. And always practice, practice, practice.”

10. Dreams come true. Colton always had dreams of one day being able to perform in his hometown of Buffalo, New York. Well, in December 2013, Colton’s dream came true. Midnight Red performed at Kiss 98.5 FM’s Kissmas Bash concert to a full arena.

“I knew it was going to be a really good time, but I didn’t know it was going to be as magical,” he said.

Growing up in Buffalo, Colton has been to Sabres games and seen other concerts at the First Niagara Center, but the fourth time he went, he got to be on stage.

“The crowd in Buffalo is really warm,” he said. “Just knowing I’m from there, my family is there, and that’s where I consider home is something special and we really felt the love. I felt so comfortable because I was home.”

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