The ‘Rocket’ has landed as Nick Santino builds solo career

After a successful run with A Rocket to the Moon, Nick Santino has launched a solo career.

After a successful run with A Rocket to the Moon, Nick Santino has launched a solo career.

Nick Santino is no stranger to crowds belting out his lyrics, but now, his audiences will be hearing something new. As he heads in a different direction, Nick is getting a fresh start with all the musical freedom in the world.

The pop-rock band that was known as A Rocket To The Moon had worldwide success since its inception in 2008, until frontman Nick and his bandmates felt a change coming. The band decided to part ways after their final tour this past summer, to start their own new chapters.

From restrictions by their label, the band struggled with wanting to do more, on their own terms. In an announcement posted on the band’s Facebook page, they stated, “We have grown as a band and also as individuals…This wasn’t the easiest decision for us, but we all felt like it was the right one and the right time.”

Since then, Nick Santino & The Northern Wind (a reference to his northern roots as a Massachusetts native) has emerged as Nick’s completely solo project. He has already created two EPs in just a few months.

Nick Santino & The Northern Wind has a sound that is not easily described, other than simply as talent. The new music has a country-folk flare with rock-and-roll roots, which differs from his old band’s material, but it comes completely natural to him. Nick has poured his heart and soul into this new material, and it shows through deep, raw lyrics.

Nick Santino with LSY! reporter Karissa Clancy.

Nick Santino with LSY! reporter Karissa Clancy.

His song “Sold My Soul” gives insight on the struggles of a musician, but how his passion keeps him from giving up on it, as he sings, “Twenty-four years old, and I want to go home, and I sold my soul to rock-and-roll, ‘cause it’s the only thing I wanna know.” That track is off his first EP, Going Home, and you can hear it here. Going Home, and Nick’s most recent EP, The Ones You Meet Along The Way, are both available on iTunes.

As a teenager who started writing and recording songs in his bedroom, Nick has seen how determination pays off. For young musicians who dream of playing shows across the world like Nick has, his advice is “have an open mind, you can’t really go into it alienating anything.”

Nick admits that when he was younger, he was “a stubborn kid that only wanted to listen to pop-punk.” But through the years, he has opened his mind to transform the kind of music he wants to make.

“As I grew up, I realized that there was a lot more music out there,” Nick explains. “It opens your mind and it kind of makes you feel like you can do anything, you can write anything you want.”

His current acoustic style allows great expression of emotions – like heartbreak, indecision, happiness, or bitterness – and showcases his talent like never before.

“I finally let myself listen to stuff I wouldn’t listen to normally,” he said, “and it definitely helps out.”

Although his new style is different than what his fans were used to, anyone can appreciate his storytelling and passion that comes through each song — and that passion for music is what keeps him going.

“I’ve had a crazy couple years, and I think you just gotta not really sweat the small stuff, and you can’t let every small show, hiccup or bump in the road make you wanna throw in the towel,” he said. “You gotta see the reason you’re doing it, and continue to keep doing it for that reason.”

Nick has said he is a big believer in following your dreams, and doing whatever makes you happy. His current dream is a simple one (and one that fans, like me, love to hear): “I just wanna keep making music, and being happy making music.”

— Karissa Clancy, LSY! reporter, Buffalo State College

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