Meet Amelia Gilmer, LSY! entertainment editor

Most memorable experiences with LSY! I think that my first interview was probably the most memorable for me. It was with former Buffalo Bill George Wilson and I remember being so nervous. He was such a nice person though and it made it so much easier.

Most inspirational song: The Goo Goo Dolls’ “I’m Still Here” by John Rzeznik. I could listen to this song on repeat for hours and every time it reaches the ending chorus, it makes me want to go out and do something awesome.

Amelia Gilmer after her interview with Broadway performer Greg Haney. (Photo by Rebekah Dunn.)

Amelia Gilmer after her interview with Broadway performer Greg Haney. (Photo by Rebekah Dunn.)

Most “nerdy” moment: Dressing up and leaving my family vacation in Chautauqua, New York to go see the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. That was such an amazing and dorky moment for me.

Career goal: Be a journalist for a major paper or magazine in New York.

Key fashion item: Either my neon blue sunglasses or my sock monkey hat. I love them both.

Most proud of: Getting accepted to my top choice college with a great scholarship.

Biggest inspiration: My family. They keep me on track with everything I do.

Favorite movie: Tangled. I have seen this movie more times than I can count and I could watch it again for sure!

Favorite book: This is such a hard question but…I guess it would have to be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third book in the series.

How and why you got involved in LSY! I heard about LSY! in my sophomore year at Mount St. Mary Academy and decided that I was going to take a journalism class during my junior year (this was before I had any idea what I wanted my major to be in). Luckily for me, Tim O’Shei let me into the program and because of this experience, I’m going into journalism as my major.

Dream interview: Darren Criss, Jensen Ackles and Robert Downey Jr. I think I would cry if I got to interview any of them.

Your best writing tip for aspiring journalists: Let your voice come through. Journalism isn’t like writing an essay for school. Make sure that you say what you mean to say, not what you think people want to hear from you.

Your best interviewing tip for aspiring journalists: Don’t be afraid to smile. For me, smiling makes me feel more confident on the outside even if I’m a nervous wreck on the inside.

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