Ariana & the Rose sees music, fans bloom on tour

Ariana and the Rose recently released the single "Heartbeat."

Ariana & the Rose recently released the single “Heartbeat.”

Ariana DiLorenzo is pursuing the fantasy of every musician.

The 24-year-old New York City native’s band, Ariana & the Rose, recently wrapped their first tour with Heffron Drive, which includes Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush. (Translation: They get some enthusiastic crowds!)

During a recent interview with fellow Live! Starring … You! teen reporter El’excia Allen and me, Ariana talked about the her non-musical interests, the business side of being an artist, and the realities of being away from home on tour.

Homesickness, it turns out, is not a problem.

“I definitely have moments when I’m far away,” Ariana said, “but when I’m with my band, that’s a different kind of family.”

She also told us about the best advice she ever received from a teacher, the type of fan reaction that surprises her most, and so much more. Check it out below in this edited version of our conversation, and listen to her latest music – including the single “Heartbeat” – by clicking here.

Rebecca Young, LSY! teen reporter, Mount St. Mary Academy         

Talk about the experience of touring with Heffron Drive.

Ariana: It’s been really fun! The response from fans has been really amazing. It’s my first tour so I feel really lucky that this got to be my first experience.

How do you cope with all the stress?

Ariana: Good question. I watch TV and I have a journal. I have a really great team and it doesn’t feel like you have too much stress when you have really great people around you.

Being away from home while touring, do you ever get homesick?

Ariana: Not really. I get more homesick when I go to Europe because I’m so far away, but I’m with my band, which feels like a family. My mom visited me on tour for a couple days and that was fun. We stopped in New York, and my family got so see the show. I definitely have moments when I’m far away, but when I’m with my band that’s a different kind of family.

What is one thing about the music industry you never expected?

Ariana: I never expected how fulfilling it is to really meet fans, and feel how much excitement they have to see you. It’s a dream in your head for so long, and when you finally get out and it’s a real thing, it’s the one part of the equation I never thought through. It’s an amazing surprise, so I’m really grateful for it.

What first interested you in singing?

Ariana: I started in musical theater, so I always thought that I was going do live theater. It makes sense that I do my own music because it’s still live performance, and I think that what really attracted me to sing. I didn’t start to sing because I thought my voice was great. I sang because I love performing on the stage and I love the thrill and excitement of performing live. And it’s fun that you do something in fun of people. You never know what’s going to happen!

If you weren’t in the music industry right now, what would you see yourself pursuing?

Ariana: Maybe something in theater. Or I went to NYU for a journalism major — maybe I would be writing for a magazine. I always wanted to write for the magazine The New Yorker when I was little, so maybe I would be doing that if I were lucky.

Who is your musical idol and how does that person inspire your work?

Ariana: I have a bunch, but more than anyone, I would say Alanis Morissette and what she stood for at the peak of her career — how she was outspoken but still was really classy. People really respect her and she was able to say what she wanted, but her songs were undoubtedly catchy. That’s something I would really like to embody in my own music.

Many people say that the music business is mostly business and less music. What is your opinion on that?

Ariana: I think that it depends day-to-day. Sometimes I say, “Oh, I wish I was singing more,” but I sing everyday, whether it’s literally just practicing or vocalizing or a show. I think the business can definitely overshadow the fun, but at the end of the day it’s always worth it.

Do you still get nervous before a show?

Ariana: Yeah, absolutely. I don’t get nervous always right before. But I always have a moment within the set that for some reason it dawns on me that I’m nervous. My hands will shake, which is really funny because I’m holding the microphone, so it’s my little secret thing. I have to figure out how to sort of get the energy out of my hands and I just jump around or something.

What is the best piece of advice you reviewed in your life that you would like to pass to your fans?

Ariana: When I was in acting school and doing music, I felt so overwhelmed and burdened by everything. I worked with a teacher who said, “Do you love it?” I said, “Yes, of course I love it!” He said, “Well, you need to always remember how much you love it.” That’s something I think about all the time — that you need to stay connected to why you did it in the first place.

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