Meet Natalie Brophy, LSY! Features Editor

Most memorable experiences with LSY!: The whole experience in general has been so memorable! I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many inspirational people. The coolest interview I’ve probably ever done would have to be interviewing Washington Capitals player Troy Brouwer amongst other reporters in an NHL locker room.

Most inspirational song: I’m a big country music fan, so it would have to be either “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” by the Eli Young Band or “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts.

Natalie Brophy after her interview with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls about his Music is Art Foundation.

Natalie Brophy after her interview with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls about his Music is Art Foundation.

Most unusual experience: Learning to drive was a very…interesting experience for me. When I turned 16, I refused to get my permit because I was terrified to learn how to drive. My parents had to force me to get it after four months. But now that I’ve had my license for a while, I have some pretty interesting (and now looking back on them, kind of funny) stories to share. I don’t think I’m that bad of a driver, but I was voted “Worst Driver” for my senior superlative…

Career goal: to become a professional journalist and move to Los Angeles or New York City to work for a big magazine. Or I think it would be cool to work for E! News or the Ellen Show, something like that. I’m not entirely sure yet.

Key fashion item: any kind of boots–short, tall, rain boots, Uggs! One of the best parts about living in Buffalo is getting to wear boots for like, eight months out of the year.

Most proud of: Qualifying for the New York State Girls Swimming Championships this year. It goes to show that hard work really does pay off!

Biggest inspiration: My parents. They’ve definitely taught me how important it is to always work hard. They always support me in everything I do,

Favorite movie: I love the movie Elf! Even though it’s a Christmas movie, I watch it all the time.

Favorite book: The Great Gatsby.

How and why you got involved in LSY!: I go to Mount Saint Mary Academy, where Tim O’Shei teaches and runs LSY! I started taking journalism my sophomore year because I always liked writing. I started doing interviews and writing stories on them and I realized that I was pretty good at it and I really loved doing it.

Dream interview: Nick Jonas, of course! Or Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin.

Your best writing tip for aspiring journalists: Challenge yourself all the time. The only way you’ll ever get better as a writer is if you push yourself. And be creative with your lead. It’s the best place to let your own voice come through and be creative with your writing. I always write it first because it’s my favorite part.

Your best interviewing tip for aspiring journalists: Be prepared before you go into an interview. Do your research and have questions prepared beforehand. And don’t get too nervous. Think of it as just a conversation with an interesting person!

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