He’s aiming high anyhow, but X Factor doesn’t ‘Hurt’ Chase Goehring

Chase Goehring

Tennessee native Chase Goehring’s stint on The X Factor introduced his music to a large audience.

If you watched season 3 of The X Factor, you might have seen Chase Goehring, but that’s not likely to be the last time you see him. Chase is a very talented musician with big dreams that he’s working hard to make come true.

But as Chase can tell you, things don’t always go the way you plan.

“I actually didn’t plan on auditioning for The X Factor,” he told me in a recent interview. “I was participating in a younow.com singer/song-writer competition and one of the judges worked with Sony Music. She was like, ‘We think you would be a great addition to the show.’ So a couple weeks later I ended up in Long Island, New York and auditioned for the judges.”

Chase, who lives in Tennessee, auditioned with an original song, “Hurt.” Although most acts audition by doing a cover, Chase said that he wasn’t nervous to do his own song.

“When I first started singing my original songs in coffee shops, I was kind of nervous because it’s your own song, so you wonder if people will like it,” he said. “But I was pretty comfortable doing it because I’ve been doing it for a while.”

The judges enjoyed his audition and put him through to the next round. After singing “Airplanes” by B.o.B. with Hayley Williams for the Four Chair Challenge, Chase was eliminated. This didn’t surprise him, though.

“After I did my song and they gave me the feedback, I was mentally preparing myself to get kicked off because I kinda knew and it was kinda obvious to me,” he said. “I got a little teary-eyed because I realized I wasn’t going to see these people again. I was like, ‘That kinda stinks,’ but I just kept moving forward.”

After his elimination, Chase returned to his old life, which included school.

“A lot of my fans and people in general think that I’m homeschooled because I do so much with my career, but I go to public school,” he said.

Despite the cool things Chase had just done, his classmates didn’t treat him any differently.

“A lot of people would come up to me and ask, ‘Were you on The X Factor?’ I would be like, ‘Yeah,’ and answer any questions,” he said. “But there wasn’t anything dramatic, like a mob when I walked down the hallway.”

It can be hard to keep up with school, especially with extracurricular activities. Chase knows all about this and sometimes has trouble balancing his music career and school.

Chase Goehring auditioned for The X Factor by playing his original song, "Hurt."

Chase Goehring auditioned for The X Factor by playing his original song, “Hurt.”

“It’s really tough sometimes,” he said. “Sometimes, I’ll be gone for a week and I’ll come back to tons of makeup work. But you just gotta work hard. You gotta keep up with everything and not get behind.”

Even though he admits that “hard work is hard,” he knows that it’s important.

“You always have to be ready for any opportunity that comes your way,” he said. “I always have to keep my voice in shape so I can kill the next performance.”

In addition to working hard to achieve your dream, Chase believes that you can’t give up on it.

“We’re all human and have low points in our lives,” he said. “But you just gotta keep going because that’s only a really small moment and you can’t let a really small moment affect your life.”

In addition to singing and rapping, Chase writes songs and has a very interesting method for doing so.

“I haven’t been through any crazy love relationships,” he said. “When I write, a lot of my inspiration is honestly from Twitter and from my fans and what they tell me. So it’s just a lot of little miscellaneous things that come together when I write a song.”

Although he doesn’t think that many artists have influenced him music-wise, there have been some musicians that have inspired Chase.

“I saw this guy named Jake Shimabukuro,” he said. “He’s like the greatest ukulele player ever and he inspired me to start taking ukulele. After that, Eminem inspired me to be a rapper.  I used to want to be like a little white clean Eminem.”

To show off his rapper side, Chase wrote “Like a Boss.” The song also has a positive message.

“The moral of the song is no matter what gets in your life, you have the freedom and power to fire it like a boss and just keep moving forward,” he said.

Even if Chase becomes really famous, he is determined to stick to his Christian morals.

“I just know that God is bigger than any stage that I perform on, any audience that I perform for, any studio that I work in, and especially myself,” he said. “There may come a day when the world sees me as famous, but I’ll never see myself as famous because that title is for God. That’s just one thing I remind myself to stay humble.”

In addition to being humble, Chase makes sure to stay thankful.

“I also know that everything good that comes my way comes from God,” he said. “I want to have a successful music career, but if I leave God to pursue a music career, then that would be probably be the worst decision I could ever make.”

 — Emma Murphy, LSY! teen reporter, Mount St. Mary Academy


  1. Greta Suneson says:

    Emma, we are so proud of you! You really gave the subject of your article, Chase Goehring, a voice. We got a glimpse of what he is all about. We so enjoy your articles. You are a great journalist. Keep them coming!
    Aunt Greta and Uncle Steve

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