Rapping in the shower: 6 Cool Things We Learned from W3 The Future

W3 The Future, with LSY reporter Gabi Hartman, does a "shower rap." (Photo by Rachael Cohen)

W3 The Future, with LSY reporter Gabi Hartman, does a “shower rap.” (Photo by Rachael Cohen)

Guarantee: When Lil Wayne signs you to his record label, your life is going to change.

W3 The Future (pronounced “We The Future”) knows it: The urban-pop teen trio was signed to Young Money in May, and now they’re on tour with Lil Wayne. Gabi Hartman and I, along with our new LSY contributing photographer Rachael Cohen, caught up with the guys on their touring RV. Check out what we learned…

Tim O’Shei, LSY founder

1. It’s a Clark Kent-to-Superman thing. The guys have different personas on stage than in private. There’s Edge One (real name: Edsel), 3SixT (Alex), and DG (Deion). Edge One compares it to going to an office. “I definitely think there’s separation between Edsel and Edge One,” he says. “When it’s work time, boom – Edge One.”

For Alex, it’s a Clark Kent-to-Superman transformation.

“When I’m in the hotel room, I’m Alex,” he says. “When I step out the door and into the lobby, I’m 3SixT.

2. Your sweet 16 can be celebrated on wheels. If you’re successful as a musician, you tour. A lot. Which means the W3 guys will be missing lots of birthdays and holidays while they’re on the road. This happened to Edge One a few days before our interview. He turned 16 and celebrated his birthday for the first time ever without his dad. But the occasion wasn’t forgotten: The guys surprised him by rolling in a big birthday cake. “I thought, ‘This is movie stuff,’” Edge One says.

W3 The Future, with LSY reporter Gabi Hartman, has signed with Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment. (Photo by Rachael Cohen)

W3 The Future, with LSY reporter Gabi Hartman, has signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. (Photo by Rachael Cohen)

3. Matchmaking can work with musical groups. The three members of W3 didn’t know each other till their managers set them up for what’s called a “vibing session” in a studio. The guys played music, started talking about life and wrote a song together. It worked so well that they decided to form a group.

4. You’ve got to be able to play for your idols. The guys looked up to the members of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires before they were ever even a part of it. “Everyone on Young Money is such a big inspiration,” DG says. “Everything they do has contributed to what pop-culture is today.”

To prove themselves ready to tour with Young Money artists such as T.I. and 2Chainz, they had to play their stuff for Lil Wayne himself!

“Playing our stuff for him (Lil Wayne) was a crazy moment because it was like flipping the roles,” DG says. “It was unreal.”

5. You can split up to work together. When they’re writing music, the guys think of an idea, then separate to create their own verses and melodies. After, they come together and see how it fits, blending both singing and rapping. “Depending how much time we have, we can do two or three songs in a day,” Edge One says.

6. They rap in the shower. Really, they do. At least 3SixT did as a kid. And they did it with Gabi. Take a look:

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