Live from Canton: Reporting from the Pro Football Hall of Fame

James LoftonWe’re reporting live from Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, where this weekend seven football legends will be inducted. We’ve talked to several Hall of Famers – both new and previously inducted members – including Cris Carter, John Elway, John Madden and more. We’ll be sharing those stories and interviews soon, but in the meantime want to give you an immediate taste of what it’s like here in Canton right now. We just talked to Hall of Fame wide receiver James Lofton, who gave some insight on how to handle failure.

“Probably the most underestimated characteristic (of a great athlete) is desire, because at some point that person failed a little bit.,” James said.  “(Hall of Fame linebacker) Harry Carson was talking earlier today and he said the first time he went out for football he quit, and then later he found out how important it was to him. But I think that…desire to want to excel is probably the most important thing.”

Any athlete can get out on the field and play, but according to James, the ones that stand out are the ones who go out wanting to succeed. The attitude with which the game is approached makes all the difference in the outcome.

Keep checking back – we have more Hall of Fame advice coming to you from Canton.

Hailey Rose Gattuso, LSY sports editor, Mount St. Mary Academy


  1. Lauren Kirchmyer says:

    Hailey Rose did an amazing job interviewing and connecting with the Hall of Fame athletes! Can’t wait to see what she writes!

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