Smart man, Will Smith! 5 Cool Things We Learned from Shake It Up’s Adam Irigoyen

Adam Irigoyen stars as Deuce Martinez on Disney Channel's Shake It Up. (Photo by Craig Sjodin/courtesy of Disney Channel)

Adam Irigoyen stars as Deuce Martinez on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. (Photo by Craig Sjodin/courtesy of Disney Channel)

Adam Irigoyen got famous fast as Deuce on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, but it wasn’t a quick or easy role to land. The 15-year-old triple threat shared that story and more with me and two of our talented teen journalists, Rebecca Brandel and Francesca Harvey.

Check out these 5 Cool Things We Learned from Adam, and then click on the links at the bottom of the page to get more fame tips and insights from the other members of the Tween Stars Live Tour.

Dream big!

– Tim O’Shei, LSY founder

1. To be in Hollywood, you’ve got to be in Hollywood. One of the frequent questions we’re asked by kids who want to be on TV or in the movies is, “Do I have to move to Los Angeles?”

Ask Adam, and he’ll tell you yes. He moved there from Florida with his parents, who uprooted their lives to allow him to pursue his dreams.

“To be very blunt, there’s no other way to get involved in this industry if you’re not in California,” he said. “It’s really the only way to get involved in the business if you want to be a part of it.”

(Tim’s note: I think we should dig deeper into this topic. Soon we’ll bring you a story that points out the pros and cons of pursuing show business from inside and outside of L.A.)

2. Will Smith is a smart man. Adam lives by this quote from the legendary actor: “If you always stay prepared, you never have to get prepared.”

3. Every “no” gets you one step closer to “yes.” This truth isn’t just for acting. “No matter what industry you’re in, but especially this one, you’re going to hear a lot of no’s before you hear one yes,” Adam said, pointing out the range of reasons why somebody may not get a role: Maybe you don’t look the part. Or may somebody else simply is that much better than you.

“You’ve always got to go in hoping for the best but expecting the worst,” he said. “You’ve got to take those no’s with a grain of salt. That’s the only way you’ll get anywhere in acting.”

4. It’s not yours until it’s yours. After Adam finished multiple rounds of auditions for Shake It Up, he was waiting to hear from his agent. A call … a text … an email. Anything!

But for two weeks, he heard nothing.

“I definitely thought I didn’t get it,” he said. “Two weeks is a long time. I didn’t expect anything of it after so long.”

But then the call came. The producers wanted to take Adam into mix-and-match – a Hollywood term for the process of taking your final choices for actors and actresses and making sure they work well together on screen. The producers also wanted to go into contract negotiation. That is always a good sign!

“It was the happiest feeling I’ve felt in a while,” he said. “I was really, really excited about that.”

Still, Adam kept a level head.

“But I also still went in with the mindset that there’s a possibility this won’t be mine,” he added. “I had to go in with that never-give-up kind of attitude. Thankfully, I got it.”

5. Even when things are good, you have to think about what’s next. Shake It Up was a real success. When it debuted in 2010, it averaged 6.2 million viewers per episode. That’s an impressive fan base, and it gave Adam a great start to his entertainment career. But few shows last for several years. That’s especially true of Disney Channel shows, where the teen casts inevitably age out.

Knowing that, Adam told us he’s always preparing for life after Shake It Up. He’s networking with people around Hollywood, working on his acting skills, and also launching a music career.

“No matter what happens, with the show,” he said, “I know I’ll be ready for whatever comes.”

Smart move. A couple of weeks after our interview, Disney Channel actually canceled Shake It Up. (The final new episodes will air this fall, and it’s almost certain that the repeats will be shown for years.)

It’s sad news, sure, but not a shock. And as Adam pointed out, he’ll be ready to rock the next opportunity!

Tim O’Shei is the founder of Live! Starring … You! and the author of 61 books for kids and teens. LSY reporter Rebecca Brandel and teen editor Francesca Harvey are part of our program at Mount St. Mary Academy.

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