Allie DeBerry grew up watching Lizzie McGuire … now she’s a Disney star!

Allie DeBerry, center, with Jake Short and Stefanie Scott, plays Paisley Houndstooth on Disney Channel's A.N.T. Farm. (Photo by Bruce Birmelin/courtesy of Disney Channel)

Allie DeBerry, center, with Jake Short and Stefanie Scott, plays Paisley Houndstooth on Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm. (Photo by Bruce Birmelin/courtesy of Disney Channel)

Stars don’t get sweeter than Allie DeBerry. When the Live! Starring … You! team called the 18-year-old actress, she was at home in Texas, fresh off a Hawaiian vacation about about to return to Los Angeles, where she plays Paisley Houndstooth on the Disney Channel show A.N.T. Farm. Allie was bubbly and personable, totally ready to fill in LSY’s Rebecca Brandel, Francesca Harvey and Tim O’Shei on life as a Disney teen

Check out an edited version of their conversation below, and be sure to catch Allie and seven other Disney and Nickelodeon performers on the Tween Stars Live Tour July 27 in Detroit and July 28 in Chicago.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about you?

Allie: Especially because on A.N.T. Farm I play a ditzy blonde cheerleader, they assume I’m like that. Whenever kids meet me in person, they assume I’m just like my character, which I’m not. I’m not ditzy … I’m college right now and doing pretty well in school!

How do you handle taking college classes while having a career?

Allie: It is kind of tough. The good thing is I do my schooling online. We have full-out rehearsals in the morning, and whenever I’m not rehearsing, I’ll do school in my dressing room, on my laptop. I make it work. Sometimes I’ll have papers due while we’re filming, so that’s a little bit tough. I get as much done as I can. We have teachers; they help us out. It’s a good little system. I want to make sure I get my education as well as continuing my acting.

You’re pretty, and you’re 18, and you’re on TV. Does that ever create awkward situations when you’re in public?

Allie: Oh, thank you! That’s really sweet. There have never been that many awkward situations. Sometimes little kids will just stare at you but they’re too afraid to approach you. I’ll smile at them and their parents will nudge them over to me. Eventually they’ll get up the nerve to say hello, but sometimes they’ll just stare, and my family will say, “Oh, she’s been spotted!”

How do you balance your career and personal life?

Allie: I definitely set aside time for vacations and spending time with my family and friends because I think they really keep you grounded. Just recently I got back from Hawaii; I spent five days there with my family. It was a nice little break. Every now and then I’ll come back home to Texas and hang out with my family and friends. I went to the prom this year, because I would have been a senior. I get to do acting in L.A. and come home and see my family and friends, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Allie DeBerry is part of the Tween Stars Live Tour, which kicks off July 27-28 in Detroit and Chicago.

Allie DeBerry is part of the Tween Stars Live Tour, which kicks off July 27-28 in Detroit and Chicago.

When you went back home for prom, did people treat you differently?

Allie: In a way, but also I have a really close group of friends I’ve gone to school with since I was in kindergarten. They don’t treat me differently. There are kids who want pictures and autographs for their siblings, but my close group of friends, they don’t really care.

How supportive were your friends when they found out you wanted to pursue a professional acting career?

Allie: They were actually really supportive. In middle school I did plays and commercials and they always thought it was cool. I did miss out on some stuff at school, but really they understand my busy schedule at work. They know that this is what I want to do. Just like they may play sports, this is my hobby. They totally understand.

Is it difficult to build relationships with your coworkers on the show?

Allie: It’s not that hard because you’re both in the business and you both understand having a busy schedule. We’re meeting new people all the time: crew cast, casting directors. We’re used to meeting new people all the time and bonding with them. I don’t think it’s that difficult. I think it’s cool how we can build friendships and be together. We’re with each other all the time, even at lunch. Sierra McCormick, who plays Olive on the show, and I hang out outside of set all the time. We’ll be on set all day rehearsing and then we’ll go grab dinner and go shopping. I think it makes for great friendships and it’s really cool.

What is something about this business that people don’t know until they’re in it?

Allie: It’s a lot harder than people assume. There’s a lot of competition. Sometimes you’ll go into (an audition) and think, “Oh, I’m perfect for this.” Then you’ll walk into the room and think, “Oh, all these other tall girls are also perfect for it.” We work long hours a lot of times, but I don’t really mind that because I love what I’m doing. There are some people in the industry that aren’t very friendly, but I don’t let them get to me. But I really enjoy it. If it’s really what you want to do, I don’t think it matters that it’s a hard business, because there will be things that are hard in life.

You must be excited to do the Tween Stars Live Tour.

Allie: Growing up, I worshipped Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I was always like, “I want to meet Lizzie McGuire!” (Tween Stars Live) is going to be really cool because they can see and meet all eight of us, ask us questions, do trivia, we’re going to share some behind-the-scenes stories. It’s very interactive. I think they’ll go crazy for it.

When you think back to being a little kid and wanting to meet Hilary Duff, what’s it like for you to now be one of those Disney stars?

Allie: When the show first aired, the very first episode, I went out in Texas the next morning, I got recognized right away with a hat on and my hair in a bun! I thought, “How is this possible? The show just aired last night!” It was surreal to me, I feel really blessed and I’m glad people like the show and respond to the show.

Rebecca Brandel and Francesca Harvey are part of LSY’s program at Mount St. Mary Academy. Tim O’Shei is the author of 61 books for kids and teens and is the founder of LSY.

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