Raven Goodwin: Acting is a competition, so aim for first place!

Raven Goodwin from Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie will be meeting fans on the Tween Stars Live Tour July 27 and 28 in Detroit and Chicago.

Raven Goodwin from Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie will be meeting fans on the Tween Stars Live Tour July 27 and 28 in Detroit and Chicago.

Acting is a competition, and if you’re going to survive in the industry, you’ve got to be ready to win your roles.

That’s the advice Raven Goodwin has for kids with Hollywood dreams. The 21-year-old actress who plays Ivy on Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie will be sharing tips like that next weekend on the Tween Stars Live Tour in Detroit and Chicago.

LSY’s Amelia Gilmer and Tim O’Shei caught up with Raven to talk about the entertainment industry, working on Disney, guest starring on other hit shows, and even how she handles it when fans approach her while she’s putting food in her mouth!

Here’s an edited version of their conversation:

How excited are you for the Tween Star Live Tour?

Raven: I’m so excited to interact with the kids and with the fans and have fun. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I just want all the kids to learn something, more than anything, and really walk away feeling like they can accomplish anything.

With working on Good Luck Charlie, are you really close with the cast? Do you consider yourselves like a family?

Raven: Yeah, definitely. I’m not being cliché and I’m not being biased: They are seriously amazing and so nice and welcoming. And they all treat everyone like a family. Even the kids who come and watch the live shows, they treat them so nice.

What’s your relationship with Bridgit Mendler like?

Raven: She’s really, really funny and she has this whole different personality, this alter ego that she’s made up. We have fun; we goof around and act like kids.

What challenges have you had in the acting industry?

Raven: I think (the industry) is a challenge in itself: Just auditioning and competing for a part – something that you really want – and worrying about it. I think it’s a challenge in itself to be honest, but if you really want it you just have to give it your all. Either you’re going to get it or you’re not. It’s that simple.

 Jess (Zooey Deschanel, right) prepares the members of her handbell quartet (Ki Hong Lee, Raven Goodwin and Esther Povitsky) to perform in the "New Girl" episode of Glee on Fox. (Greg Gayne's photo courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Co.)

Raven Goodwin, second from left, as a member of the handbell quartet in the Glee episode “New Girl” on Fox.
(Photo by Greg Gayne; courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Co.)

You’ve had multiple guest appearances on different TV shows such as Glee and New Girl. Do you enjoy getting to work on those other shows?

Raven: Yes of course. I was impressed with how Glee was filmed, and it was hard. The performances are amazing. The cast just puts, literally, all they can in. They go all out. They work so hard and there are a lot of people. It’s a lot of going on on that set; it’s really hectic. The numbers – their choreography, and singing – it’s a lot. So I definitely respect them for all their hard work, for sure. They’re super, super talented and they are definitely getting what they deserve with exposure. Their show is such a huge hit.

What TV show would you love to have a guest appearance on?

Raven: I would love, definitely love, to do True Blood because I’m a fan. But as far as comedy goes, I would have to say Modern Family.

Do you find yourself getting recognized when you’re out in public?

Raven (laughing): Yes, and it’s always so convenient!

How do you handle when the fans recognize you?

Raven: You just have to be nice and no matter what the situation is. Sometimes you might be out or trying to have time with your mom. People have come up to me when I am literally putting food in my mouth. That’s a little much for me personally – just being honest – but I can’t imagine being a kid and seeing somebody I idolize on television and not saying anything. I’m always polite though.

What advice can you give our readers who are interested in pursuing acting as a career?

Raven: I’d tell them to never be afraid. Auditioning is a competition, so treat it like that. It’s another opportunity to get your name out there. If you’re going to audition, make sure that you come in first place. That’s the key. It will never be easy. So just know that and focus. Know that you’re competing when you’re auditioning and I think you can go far.

Amelia Gilmer is part of our program at Mount St. Mary Academy. Tim O’Shei is a children’s and teen author and the founder of LSY.

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