“Nobody” thought she could do it, but Doreen Taylor is on tour

Jessica Miller interviewed Doreen Taylor at our headquarters inside Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo, New York.

Jessica Miller interviewed Doreen Taylor at our headquarters inside Mount St. Mary Academy in Buffalo, New York.

Doreen Taylor kicked off her tour late last month at World Café Live in Philadelphia. To say she is excited would be an understatement.

“There are no more words to describe my feelings!” she told LSY on the red carpet before her show. This show raised money for the Jaws Youth Playbook organization, a charity founded by former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski.

What is so special about this tour?

“It’s the first time I’m really being me and letting it all hang out,” Doreen said.

Doreen never intended on being a musician. She always thought she was going to have a high-paying career. When her voice teacher pushed Doreen to audition for music as an undergrad, she said, “I did it just for fun!”

Doreen received a full scholarship to the Hartford School of Music. When she heard the news, she told herself, “Maybe the doctor thing isn’t for me.”

After receiving an undergraduate degree in both voice and opera, Doreen traveled with two tour groups for Phantom of the Opera and Ragtime. After traveling with these groups, she decided to go more mainstream.

“The ‘playing a character thing’ isn’t me,” she told LSY!

Doreen started doing one-woman shows in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. They became popular very quickly. These shows got Doreen to thinking. “I’ve been writing music all this time, since I was a little kid. Why am I not showing that? Why am I singing other people’s stuff, when I should be singing my own?”

LSY teen reporter Graceanne Rumer chatted with Doreen Taylor on the red carpet before Doreen's tour kickoff in Philadelphia.

LSY teen reporter Graceanne Rumer chatted with Doreen Taylor on the red carpet before Doreen’s tour kickoff in Philadelphia.

With that idea in mind, Doreen decided to write and record an album.

For the show in Philadelphia, the local Laura Cheadle Family Band was the opener. Doreen explained that at each show they are going to use an opening band that is originally from each city, so they will always have someone new. She wants that to work as a special treat for her audiences.

“We’re going to try to incorporate a lot of the community into what were doing,” she said.

She is using this tour to let her fans get to see who she truly is. This concept is very important to Doreen, especially since she is an independent Singer/Songwriter. She wants her vision to be presented to her fans in its purest form.

“If it means I sell less albums, at least I know that the people buying my albums are hearing the truth of what I’m believing. My word, instead of what some label says is my word.”

While shaping her vision is very exciting, Doreen points out that touring and playing music professionally isn’t about the glamour.

“You really have to love what you do,” she said. “It’s not about giving a headline tour, it’s not about making money, it’s not about selling albums. It’s really just about having that love inside you for music, and doing it no matter what.”

Doreen is full of passion for what she does and she has reached her dream. She kept her eyes on it and never gave up.

In the pursuit of her dream, Doreen stayed dedicated. She moved from place to place. Starting in the small, humble town of Alden, New York, Doreen traveled to Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and finally settled in Los Angles.

Many times along the way, Doreen encountered people who tried to change her and her vision. However, she always stayed focused on what was most important to her.

Her dedication is a major factor in Doreen’s success. She has given up many Friday and Saturday nights. She has delayed the thoughts of a boyfriend, a husband, or kids. All that matters to her currently is her passion: music.

“It was never meant to be this big. It kind of took on a life of it’s own,” she said. “We recorded these songs, and it’s just taken off. I start with the littlest intentions, and it ends up being something bigger than I ever thought it would be. So, it’s kind of like an innocent story. It’s not like I was like, ‘Oh, I want to be rich’ or ‘I want to be famous.’ That wasn’t why I did it. I just love music, and I wanted to put my songs down before I died.

Doreen faced many who doubted her. There was always someone waiting to criticize her. She has a thick skin though, and took criticism in stride.

“Nobody thought I could do it,” she said, “and I’m doing it.”

Doreen is a champion because she followed her dreams and didn’t let anything stop her from accomplishing what she wanted to do. She sends a message of strength and independence through her music. This message reflects who she is as a person.

Now she is kicking off her own show and doing what she loves. When times get tough for you, do what she does: “I close my eyes, I say a prayer, and wish for the best.”

Graceanne Rumer & Jessica Miller, LSY teen reporters


  1. Michael A. Conicelli says:

    Doreen, is s Wonderful, Mult Talented Singer/Songwriter. She is a Fantastic Person, always willing to help others and pay it forward. Her music is amazimg and has a tremendous voice. Seeing her live just puts it over the top. See her if you can, you will not be disappointed.

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