Meet Emilie Hagen, our Hollywood reporter!

Emilie Hagen is a building a career in show business and is our reporter in Hollywood.

Emilie Hagen is a building a career in show business and is our reporter in Hollywood.

Greetings Live! Starring … You! fans!

Emilie Hagen, here, live from Los Angeles, your first West Coast reporter!

I’ve been helping out with LSY since 2010, when I was a journalism student at SUNY Buffalo State in New York. Now, I’m living Studio City, California, about 10 minutes from Hollywood, in hopes of landing my dream entertainment industry job.

I packed up my entire life (or as much as I could fit in my four-door sedan) three months ago and headed out west, destination: L.A. After an amazing journey across our country, stopping and making friends in eight cities, I finally felt right at home as soon as I arrived in the 90210.

Now that I’m in the heart of the entertainment capital, my job is going to give you the inside scoop on what really goes on in Hollywood when you’re an aspiring young performer: what it’s like to attend the glamorous parties, what auditions are really like and what it’s like to be among thousands of other actors and entertainers all going after the same dream.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve already met almost 15 celebrities, attended a movie premier party at director Shane Black’s Beverley Hills mansion, been on five auditions and worked on the set of two television shows! It’s been quite the first three months and I’m excited to keep LSY fans in the loop throughout this exciting quest.

A few weeks ago LSY gave me the chance to combine my journalism skills with my love for fashion and celebrities by attending the Star Magazine Hollywood Rocks Event Party at the Playhouse Nightclub in the heart of Hollywood.

Being an up-and-coming celebrity in this town means you have to make tons of appearances at PR parties like this one, which is why I was among tons of fresh new starlets in attendance that night.

Click here to check out my first press-pass event in Hollywood!

Emilie Hagen, LSY in Hollywood

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