Tim’s FAME Tips: “See Dad Run” star Ryan Newman

tim oshei

Tim O’Shei

Today is the first of a weekly feature called Tim’s FAME Tips, where I’ll bring you advice from the stars on how to make it big, how to handle the spotlight, and how to use your fame to do good things for other people.

We’re starting this feature because so many Live! Starring … You! fans write to us and ask, “How can I become famous?” Now, we don’t necessarily think that’s the way you should look at things, and we definitely can’t make you famous. But from the interviews our teen reporters do with people across the entertainment and sports world, we absolutely can tell you about the healthiest, smartest and most rewarding ways to pursue your dreams. That’s what we’re going to do every Friday.

Our set of FAME Tips come from our interview with Ryan Newman, a 15-year-old actress who stars on Nick at Nite’s “See Dad Run.” Click here for our interview with Ryan, who has been acting since she was 3 years old.

Ryan Newman, star of Nick at Nite's "See Dad Run", convinced her parents to let her become an actress when she wasn't quite 3 years old.

Ryan Newman, star of Nick at Nite’s “See Dad Run”, convinced her parents to let her become an actress when she wasn’t quite 3 years old.

  1. Ryan isn’t doing this for fame. She emphasized that she loves the work of being an actress, not the recognition. In fact, she used the word “love” 11 times in our interview!  “I love (acting),” she said. “It’s what I live for.” Later, when we asked if she had ever considered giving it up, Ryan said, “I know I probably couldn’t live without it.” If you love performing that much – so much that you can’t imagine not doing it – then you’re headed int he right direction.
  2. She started young, and it was her idea. So many teens will tell you their parents pushed them to be performers. Ryan’s situation was better: She was, and is, self-driven. As a toddler, she watched actors and actresses on TV, pointed at the screen, and said, “I do that!” She talked her mom into getting her started. “I was seriously persistent,” she told us. Which leads me to a question for you: Who’s pushing you to aim for Hollywood or the big leagues? Is it someone else, or does it come from inside? There is a right and wrong answer to that question, and I bet you know what it is.
  3. Non-Hollywood friends are important to her. Hanging with people who aren’t famous keeps her grounded. Last year, after spending some time going to school at home and on set, Ryan returned to regular school. “I gained so many experiences that I should have as a teenager,” she said. “I made a lot of friends and I kept them.” That’s valuable now, because with her “See Dad Run” schedule, Ryan is back to home schooling and learning on set. But she has her “regular” friends, and that helps this 15-year-old remain mostly a regular kid. When you’re in the spotlight someday – kid or a adult – can you surround yourself with good people who like you as a person and not as a celebrity? Can you remain grounded? There’s a right and wrong answer on this one, too. As you’re dreaming big, make sure you get it right!

— Tim O’Shei, LSY! founder

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