Do your audition nerves make you want to hide?

Do your audition nerves make you want to hide? We've got advice for you!(LSY! stock photo by Tim O'Shei)

Do your audition nerves make you want to hide? We’ve got advice for you!
(LSY! stock photo by Tim O’Shei)

Whether you’re a brand-new performer or a pro, auditions can stretch and twist your mind into a nervous wreck!

If you let them, that is.

Gwen Stewart, who was part of the original Broadway cast of “Rent,” offered some great audition tips in a workshop with our friend, vocal coach Debbie Bello:

Staple your resume and picture together. That way, they don’t get separated

• If you’re fidgety, put your hands in your pockets — but do it naturally, the same as you would in regular life. And don’t feel like you have to leave them there the entire time, which brings us to our next point …

Avoid standing totally still. In Gwen’s words, “Be animated in your physicality.” Move your body to the music — but again, don’t invade the judges’ space or stray outside their immediate view.

Look at singing as a form of acting. Bring movement and emotion into your performance. Become the person – the character – who is singing that song. “When you’re singing, you should be acting,” Gwen said.

Know your material, backwards and forwards, inside and out. This minimizes the chance that you’ll forget words or lose your spot. “If you don’t know what you’re saying,” Gwen said, “it reads.” Gwen actually suggested learning the words to a song the same as you would lines on a script.

Learn how to makes your nerves work for you. Nerves are a form of energy … which is good! Channel that energy into your performance.

These are just some of the tips from Gwen. Click here to check out the rest.

Tim O’Shei
LSY! founder

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