Raven-Symoné: A workaholic-turned-human

Raven–Symoné — the former child star is finally feeling human!

Raven–Symoné — the former child star is finally feeling human!

Raven- Symoné

When I met Raven, of fame from “The Cosby Show” and “That’s So Raven” and multiple movies, she had just bought a home. And was she ever excited!

“I’m being a person,” she told me. “I bought a house, and I’m human, and it feels good to sit at a pool and do nothing.”

If you’re being a “person” now, I wondered aloud, what were you before?

“A workaholic!” she answered. “I’m still a workaholic, but I didn’t have time for myself. Now I do.”

I told Raven that in my experience talking to young performers, that seemed to be a common trait: They work, work, work, rarely taking a break.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “I think with this industry, you definitely have to work when you have the chance, and suck up all the time that you can – in a good sense, of course.”

Raven also said that people tend to notice when young performers become workaholics much more so than adult actors, who are expected to be busy all the time.

What really matters, she said, is why you’re in the spotlight. Then she shared what has become one of my favorite quotes ever on fame: “Some people really enjoy the fame of it, and some people enjoy the work of it,” she said. “It just depends on if you want celebrity or you want a good career.”

— Tim O’Shei
LSY! Founder

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