Meet Jessica Wojcinski, LSY! teen reporter

Jessica Wojcinski is the ideal LSY! teen reporter because she is clearly passionate about the entertainment industry. Her goal in life is to become a singer-songwriter, which grew from a Christmas gift at an early age: a Fisher Price microphone!

“I ran circles around the coffee table singing, or rather screaming, at the top of my lungs,” says Jessica, a graduate of our program at Mount St. Mary Academy and now a music major at Nazareth College. “It was then and there that I declared that I was a famous singer.”

Jess continued to pursue her goal into high school where she joined a local and very popular choir, where she knew could further develop her talent. She has an awesome voice and has performed in numerous productions in her school and area. Jess has also said that her dream is to meet and hang out with some of her favorite singers during one of their shows. She loves Sara Bareilles, Mat, Kearney, and Andy Grammer.

Becoming an LSY! reporter was a perfect choice for Jess because it literally made her dreams come true! She had the opportunity to meet and interview Andy Grammer after one of his concerts, and she also interviewed Ben Folds, a judge on NBC’s “The Sing Off,” and Alexander DeLeon, lead singer of The Cab, among others.

“It’s great to meet these people that were once in the same position as me, an aspiring performer,” Jess says. “They can give great advice on how to get that break.”

While interviewing these musicians, Jessica knew that she was heading down the right career path.

“LSY! has helped me to realize even more that I want to be a singer,” she says. “When you’re backstage after a show and seeing the behind the scenes like I have, you get to know what it’s really like.”

– Katie Murphy

Fun Jessica Facts:

• TV show hero: The character Kate Becket on ABC’s “Castle.” “She is sarcastic, resourceful, and has a cool job!”

• Most-worn clothing: Jeggings, black boots, and concert tees

• Favorite mall store: Forever 21. “The clothes are unique and inexpensive, and the store has a subtle Christian message.”

• A hobby she someday wants to pursue: Learning to play guitar

• Dream LSY! interview: Sara Bareilles. “We have similar musical styles and I’d love to hear her advice.”

In the spotlight: When NPR did a story on Live! Starring … You!, Jessica was interviewed for the show. Check it out here.

• Freaky photo: Click here to see a surprising image of Jess and singer-songwriter Andy Grammer…

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