Commit to your dreams, Hollywood style!

Heather Morris and Tim O'Shei's goal-setting workshopA few years ago, the day before New Year’s Eve, my friend Heather Morris and I were teaching a goal-setting workshop for a group of teens here in New York.

Heather, who you probably know as Brittany from Glee, grabbed a piece of poster paper and some Sharpies and created her very own “Dream Board.” It’s pretty cool and very heart-warming — make sure you watch the video below!

I didn’t realize how important this Dream Board was to Heather until the next day, when I picked her up from my parents’ house (where she was staying) to take her to the airport. She carefully rolled up the Dream Board, secured it with a rubber band, and carried it onto the airplane.

Later, I asked Heather where she got the idea. She told me it came from her best friend Naya, who plays Santana on Glee. One day, Heather had gone to Maya’s house and saw bunch of Post-it notes with inspirational words and phrases tacked to a cork board.

“What’s that?” Heather asked.

“It’s my Dream Board,” Naya said.

But Dream Boards aren’t just for stars. You can do one too. Use regular or poster paper and follow these instructions:

1. In the middle of the Dream Board, draw a picture of your current-day self.

2. Surrounding the picture, write phrases and draw symbols or pictures to represent the things most important to you today. (If available, you can also include photos.

3. Write any quotes or song lyrics that inspire you

4. Think about your future: Where do you want to be, and what do you want to accomplish, in the next several years? Write words and symbols to represent those goals.

5. Think about the obstacles you’ll need to overcome to reach those goals. What will it take to make your dreams come true? Represent those keys to success in words and pictures as well.

Congratulations — you’ve made a Dream Board!

Tim O’Shei
LSY! founder

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