Up close with VH1’s Greatest Kid Star ever … Justin Bieber!

The author snapped this photo from the pit of a WKSE-FM concert after meeting Justin Bieber.

The author snapped this photo from the pit of a WKSE-FM concert after meeting Justin Bieber.

So VH1 says the No. 1 Greatest Kid Star Ever is …

Justin Bieber!

And now don’t I feel honored? Because not only do I possess a Biebs artifact, of sorts, but even more impressively…

I. Have. Met. Justin. Bieber.

Yup. I have. And that fact alone seems to send lots of kids and teens to the edge of tears when I tell them.

Since Justin has enough starpower to supercharge an entire galaxy, I’m guessing you’ve already heard lots about him. So I’m going to share just a few random observations:

On the day I met him, he had something stuck in his eye. I felt bad for the guy. He was rubbing his eye, trying desperately to get out the eyelash or whatever foreign object was stuck in there. Seems like not a big deal, I’m sure. We’ve all had that happen, right? But when you’ve stuck your own finger in your own eye, did you have a bunch of strangers (i.e. fans and reporters) standing around watching you, with cameras in hand?

The author snapped this photo from the pit at a WKSE-FM radio promotion concert.

Remember the swoosh hairstyle that helped make Justin a teen megastar?
Photo by Tim O’Shei

He has the magic touch. During our interview, the girl holding the microphone froze. Her hand was shaking, and I realized she probably wouldn’t be able to adequately move the microphone from her mouth or her classmates’ mouths to Justin and back. So I took the mic from her and handed it to Justin, who was more than happy to move it back and forth.

What I didn’t think about at the time was that I now had a microphone that was “used” by Justin Bieber. Months later, when I was doing an author visit at a school, a girl was holding that microphone and I offhandedly mentioned that Justin had held it too.

“Ahhhggrrhh!” the girl squealed — and spontaneously combusted into tears.

Now I carry that microphone everywhere I go, find a Justin Bieber fan, and trigger an explosive fit of tears.*

It’s fun!

(*OK, not everywhere I go. I use it in author visits only. If you click here and look carefully, you’ll find me doing a J.B. imitation with that very microphone. Because I know you want to see that.)

Tim O’Shei
LSY! founder

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