Ross Lynch & R5: “I wouldn’t say we’re famous…”

Ross Lynch, lead singer of the pop-rock band R5 and also the star of Disney Channel's "Austin & Ally," performs with his band in Toronto's ModClub.Photo by Tim O'Shei

Ross Lynch, lead singer of the pop-rock band R5 and also the star of Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally,” performs with his band in Toronto’s ModClub.
Photo by Tim O’Shei

One of our favorite Live! Starring … You! interview questions is, “What are the biggest misconceptions of being famous?”

But when we asked that to the pop-rock band R5, they ended up answering a very different question — one we didn’t even ask: “How do you keep the peace when so much attention is focused on one member?”

Here’s what happened (and you can watch the video clip below, too):

Francesca Harvey, one of our teen reporters from Mount St. Mary Academy, was interviewing the band in Jamestown, New York, before their performance with Olympic champions in the Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular.

If you’re not familiar with R5, you should check them out! They’re a five-piece band that includes four siblings (Ross, Riker, Rydel and Rocky Lynch) and a close friend (Ellington Ratliff). They’re signed to Hollywood Records and on the upswing: R5 sold out a show in Toronto one week ago, and fans were lined up to get front-row spots six hours ahead of doors.

One member, however, stands out in public, and is undeniably driving fans’ interest: Lead singer and guitarist Ross Lynch, who’s better known as Austin on Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally.”

When Francesca asked the full band about the misconceptions of fame, they all laughed and immediately shifted the focus to him.

“Oh, you have to ask the famous one right here!” said Riker, motioning to Ross. (Though let’s take a timeout here to note that 21-year-old Riker – thanks to his recurring role as a Warbler on “Glee” – is fairly famous too.)

Francesca turned and put the microphone in front of Ross, who briefly stumbled over his words.

“We don’t really look like — I don’t know,” Ross said, pausing for just a split second.

At this point, Ross could have talked about the pressure of being the face of R5. He could have spoken about being the major draw: The advertising for that sold-out Toronto show had the words “Featuring Ross Lynch” under the band’s name. He could have let us in on what it’s like to have people calling his name and snapping his photo at every turn. The next night in Toronto, for instance, a middle-aged mom who I don’t know came up to me, grabbed my arm, and excitedly showed me photos she had shot of Ross as he was crossing the street outside the venue. Creepy? Just a little.

Ross, who turns 17 on Dec. 29, could have filled us in on the phenomenon of being him.

But he didn’t.

Instead, Ross deflected the question took the humble route.

“We don’t really think of ourselves as being famous,” he said, “so I wouldn’t be able to tell you that.”

It might seem like Ross kindly blew off the question, but he actually taught us an important lesson in how to handle being a celebrity: If you’re truly famous, you don’t have to say it or act like it. Other people will do that for you.

When you’re the biggest celebrity in a band, on a show, on a team or in any other group, the key is to conduct yourself like one of the crowd. Even if that crowd is your family.

Tim O’Shei
LSY! founder


  1. AnnaR5Family says:

    Awww this is so sweet. R5 are the sweetest people alive. So humble and kind and caring and just…..them.

  2. I know the feeling i don’t think a 2 hour sleep is enough R5 if you want i can help with that and i can count on you to be there also i saw you on December and the best boy band that rocks

  3. I LOVE R5 they are the most awesome

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