A not-so-Simple Plan, but “Perfect” dream

LSY! reporter Jessica Miller talks with Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau.

Is it better to choose a safe and secure future, or follow your dreams? The members of Simple Plan dealt with that question early in their careers. Drummer Chuck Comeau told me about it during our interview at Vans Warped Tour.

Chuck told me that the guys in Simple Plan were in school — one to be a lawyer, another an engineer, even one studying classical guitar. But they all abandoned college (and the sense of security that comes with a degree) to follow their desire to make it big as a band.

And trust me, it didn’t come easy for them. They had to fight with their parents over whether or not this dream was plausible, because not many bands actually make it.

“Trying to explain to our parents that we didn’t want to go to college, and that we wanted to give this a shot,” Chuck said, “when you’re 18, 19 and you tell your parents ‘Yeah, we’re gonna be in a band!’… They’re a little skeptical.”

But congrats guys, you made it! Not that it was easy.

Chuck also told us that the guys wrote the song “Perfect” about how hard it was to convince their parents that this is what they wanted to do. The feedback they got from fans on “Perfect” was huge.

“When it came out, we were overwhelmed by how many people could relate to it, you know?” he said. “We got so many e-mails and people at shows saying, ‘This song is my life, You helped me deal with how my parents and I are interacting… It made a really big difference for us in our career.”

The input of the fans is so important to Simple Plan that when Chuck and lead singer Pierre Bouvier were in the studio working on their most recent album, they asked fans to tweet what the band’s music meant to them. They used those tweets to write “This Song Saved My Life.”

“It’s one of the most special songs we ever wrote, I think,” Chuck said, “and it really sums up what this band is all about.”

Although fighting for their dreams was very challenging for Simple Plan in the beginning, the guys managed to do it and become the wildly successful band that they are now!

“You know, like, 99.9% of bands will never get to that level, and we get to experience it on a daily basis,” Chuck said. “For us. I think it’s very precious.”

So now what you have to do is think… How important is your dream to you, how will you execute it, and how will you thank the people that got you there? If you need any help, you most definitely can look to Simple Plan for an example.

They’ve done it all before!

— Jessica Miller
LSY! teen reporter
Mount St. Mary Academy

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