Meet Amy Brooks, LSY! deputy editor

To devoted fans of Live! Starring … You!, Amy Brooks is a familiar face. To me, she’s a trusted assistant and versatile reporter who can handle virtually any interview situation and come away with a great story.

Amy has covered dozens of entertainers and athletes for LSY!, including NFL stars, X Games competitors, Hollywood actors, and musicians of all sorts. She’s worked on LSY! projects all across New York and in Toronto and Cleveland, conducting interviews in places ranging from tour buses (Yellowcard) to banquet halls (America Ferrera) to parking ramps (MC Lars). She’s also an experienced reporter at one of our favorite events to cover — Warped Tour.

Amy is entering her sophomore year at Canisius College, where she’s studying journalism. I’ve known her for a long time – since she was in sixth grade, actually – through her mom and older sister. When I first met Amy, she was writing a fantasy novel that included animals falling from the sky. (I think it was goats – right, Amy?) She got involved in LSY! when I ran into her at a concert. She came up to say hi; I asked what she was doing, and she told me she was interested in journalism. Conveniently, the drummer for the Canadian rock supergroup Marianas Trench was nearby, so I offered the LSY! microphone and said, “Go interview him.”

As every motivated, big-dreaming person should do, Amy seized the microphone … and the opportunity. She conducted an impromptu interview, which began her path to her current position as deputy editor of

Fun Amy Facts:

• Obsession: All things pink! (Her big debate over the summer was whether to dye her hair pink.)

• Superhero crush: Superman. (She badly wants to set up an interview with Dean Cain of Lois & Clark fame.)

• Sporty stuff: Amy is an accomplished synchronized swimmer.

• Her main team: Family! Amy is one of five kids in her family – and they’re one of the closest families I know. If every household was as tight as the Brooks family, the world would be a better place.

— Tim O’Shei

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