Miranda Cosgrove’s advice: Get support!

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove after her interview with LSY! reporter Lauren McDaniel, left, and photographer Erika Taylor, right. Photo by Tim O’Shei.

When we caught up with iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove last weekend, we asked her to deliver a message to Live! Starring … You! fans who dream of having a career like hers.

Miranda’s advice?

Make sure you have somebody who’s always backing you.

“The biggest thing for me is just having somebody who’s really supportive,” Miranda told Lauren McDaniel, one of our college reporters. “My mom travels with me everywhere. Both my parents are always there, helping me.”

No doubt, the support is the kind that comes from your parents. I’ve heard the same thing from many stars. In fact, when I interviewed singer and Desparate Housewives star Vanessa Williams, she said the same thing.

“There are so many people – and I’ve been in  on broadway, in the recording studio, on stage, film, television – so many artists out there have parents and support people who said, ‘You’re wasting your time. We don’t believe in you,’” Vanessa told me. “Therein lies a lot of the misery and a lot of the personal commotion that a lot of people – especially celebrities – have.”

In other words, Vanessa was saying that entertainers who have a hard time dealing with the spotlight and often end up in tabloid headlines usually didn’t have the support of parents when trying to start their careers.

“They’re always trying to prove that they’re worth something,” she said, “and it gets in the way of the work.”

What does this mean for you? If you’re trying to launch any challenging career – whether it’s in entertainment, sports, or anything else – try not to do it alone. Build a solid support team, one that hopefully starts with parents and family … and above all, make sure you have total trust in the people around you.

Tim O’Shei
LSY! founder


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