Toronto Raptors broadcaster Jack Armstrong with Hailey Rose Gattuso.

Raptors’ Jack: From fired coach to renowned hoops expert

By Hailey Rose Gattuso    Jack Armstrong has “the biggest scam going.” It’s not really a scam, but that’s the word Armstrong uses (jokingly, of course) to describe working … [Read More...]


Styling in the spotlight: Up close with Stephanie Styles of Newsies

By Amanda McNulty    Stephanie Styles became a sensation to theater geeks (including myself) across the globe when it was first announced that this quirky, blonde haired, … [Read More...]

Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony told us fans were surprised that she was taking a public bus. (Photo by Tim O'Shei at WKSE's Kissmass Bash.)

Fifth Harmony on (not!) being rich

Most of us automatically assume all famous people are rich. But that belief was proven wrong when we interviewed the girls of Fifth Harmony. “We are literally more broke than we … [Read More...]

Troye Sivan performs at a special event for WKSE-FM in Buffalo.

Catching Troye Sivan – just in time

  By Emily Bingham   Teens on the verge of tears and their nervous parents were teeming with excitement and angst. These roughly 50 fangirls and boys were standing in line … [Read More...]

The Stars Talk Fame

Connor McDavid chats with Hailey Rose Gattuso.

2 minutes and 20 seconds with Connor McDavid

By Hailey Rose Gattuso    He had the bottom of his dark heather blue shirt wrapped around his clenched fists. He kept his eyes focused on the floor, rarely allowing them to wander up and meet mine. His voice was barely above a whisper. Was this … [Read More...]

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