“The more success you get, the more responsibility you have," singer-songwriter Alexz Johnson told LSY!'s Ashley O'Leary. (Photo by Jessica Earnshaw)

Former teen star Alexz Johnson chases dreams as indie artist

By Ashley O’Leary    She’s starred on Disney Channel’s So Weird and CTV’s Instant Star. You may have seen her “riding the same roller coaster hundreds of times” in Final … [Read More...]

Geo with reporter Becky Harms during a release party for the LSY! book "Be the One!" (Photo by Natalie Brophy)

The Geo view: Dance for love — and fame may follow

By Rebecca Wojcinski   When you want to make it in the dance industry — in fact, any industry — you need to have a certain motivation. Whether or not you know it’s there, … [Read More...]

LSY! sports editor Hailey Rose Gattuso, left, and teen editor Francesca Harvey, right, join Olympic skaters Jeremy Abbott, Meryl Davis,  Gracie Gold and Charlie White at the Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular. (Photo by Tim O'Shei)

Olympic success changes fame label for skaters

After the Sochi Olympics, there’s plenty of hype surrounding ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White and figure skaters Gracie Gold and Jeremy Abbott, among others. But funny … [Read More...]

Alexa Ferr says the stage "just felt natural for me."

“Lipstick” singer Alexa Ferr’s “rugged pop” crossing the continent

By Lydia Maher   Toronto seems to be a hotbed for musical artists — Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Crystal Castles, Feist and the Barenaked Ladies all come from southern … [Read More...]

Emile Hagen with Martin Sheen

Winning (and being unstoppable) with Martin Sheen in Hollywood

By Rebecca Wojcinski   What does it really take to pursue an enduring show biz career? LSY!’s Hollywood reporter Emilie Hagen was talking to celebrities about just that at … [Read More...]

Riley and Connor McDonough with Becky Harms. (Photo by Natalie Brophy)

Before You Exit, go to prom with me!

By Becky Harms   Prom. To teenage girls, this word means a lot more than the four simple letters used to compose it. We all want that special someone to ask us, who will … [Read More...]

DIY host of Bath Crashers Matt Muenster poses in Minnesota.

DIY Network’s Matt Muenster gets ‘bathtastic’ in 3 days

By AnnMarie Lepertine   Have you ever wanted to renovate your bathroom but feel like you don’t have the time? What about renovating it in three days…? Seems impossible, … [Read More...]

The Stars Talk Fame

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony’s Camila on inspiring her fans

When we caught up with the girls of Fifth Harmony we asked them what its like to know they inspire so many people. Check out Camila's answer — it'll make you feel good about being a 5H fan! Be sure to check out our other 5H interviews, too: • How … [Read More...]

LSY! Team Spotlight

Meet Emma Murphy, LSY! teen reporter

Most memorable experiences with LSY! The most memorable interview I’ve done was the one I conducted with Chase Goehring. I watched him on X Factor and was a big fan of his music, so I was super excited to talk with him. This was also my first solo interview, so it was a big moment for me. I was a little nervous going into it, but Chase was so nice and I really enjoyed the experience.

Most inspirational song: “3000 Miles” by Emblem3 is such a great song. It perfectly blends of the sadness of missing home with upbeat pop music. I love it because it can fit a bunch of different moods that you may have when you’re thinking about the people and places that you miss, whether it’s sadness that you’re somewhere else or happiness thinking of all the great memories that you made. It’s easy to relate to, but it’s also the kind of song that you can dance to.

Coolest moment: I go camping with my family every summer at Allegany State Park. A couple summers ago, I was walking alone to my aunt’s cabin in the dark. I had a flashlight with me, but I was just kind of absentmindedly looking around with it. Suddenly, a pair of eyes were reflected in the light and I froze. There was a bear standing only a few feet away from me! I was almost at my aunt’s cabin, so I quickly ran and went inside. My cousin and I came out and watched the bear until it left. Although it was terrifying, it was still pretty amazing to be that close to nature.

Emma Murphy with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Emma Murphy with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Career goal: I’m only a sophomore, so I definitely plan on taking journalism classes for the rest of my high school career. After I graduate, I hope to continue writing. I also hope to interview some of my idols, such as the ones mentioned below.

Key fashion item:I love to wear my Pandora charm bracelet. The different charms all have a special meaning and help me remember a special occasion. For example, the stack of books make me think of my eighth grade graduation while the cupcake reminds me of my 15th birthday party when I received it. It’s also great because it can be worn casually with jeans or elegantly with a nice dress.

Most proud of: I am proud of my success so far in high school. I’ve challenged myself with my classes while still maintaining a high average. I have joined my extra-curricular activities, including Mock Trial and Student Council. I’ve made great friends that I’m sure I’ll be close with for the rest of my life but I’ve also maintained the friendships I made in middle school.

Biggest inspiration: My family and friends are always supportive of anything I want to chase. They cheer me up when I’m sad and they celebrate with me when I am successful. I really appreciate all that they do and can’t imagine what I’d do without them.

Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect is such a great movie. I’ve watched it so many times, but it never gets boring. With a perfect blend of hilarious comedy and awesome musical performances, it’s definitely a must-see for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

Favorite book: My favorite book has always been The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, but I recently read Divergent by Veronica Roth. I fell in love with it and locked myself in my bedroom for the weekend to read it. As soon as I finished it, I rushed to get its sequel, Insurgent, and am currently working my way through the trilogy. I can’t wait to see the movie, either!

How and why you got involved in LSY! When I was in seventh grade, I attended a writing workshop at Mount St. Mary Academy and a portion of it was devoted to journalism with Tim O’Shei. I had a really good time, so when I came to Mount for high school I made sure to sign up for journalism class. I love writing and I am also very interested in media, so this course was perfect for me.

Dream interview: I would love to interview Emblem3, Ariana Grande, or the Janoskians. I’ve been a huge fan of Emblem3 ever since they auditioned for X Factor and have had the privilege of seeing them in concert twice, even meeting them once! They’ve managed to stay very grounded even with their success and are definitely inspirations for me. Ariana Grande is a role model of mine, especially for the way she stays true to the type of music she wants to make rather than listening to what other people tell her to sing. I think she’s an incredibly talented singer and a hilarious actress. The Janoskians make YouTube videos that can make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts and I admire the way they they never let other peoples’ opinions of them affect them.

Your best writing tip for aspiring journalists: Know what you want to say before you write. Make an outline of what you want to write about so that the whole process just runs smoother. I would also recommend picking out good quotes that you want to use before you start writing.

Your best interviewing tip for aspiring journalists: Remember that you’re talking to another normal person. Though it can be really intimidating because they seem so important, just think about it like you’re having a conversation with a friend. If they’re just starting off, they might even be more nervous than you!


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