Country legend Garth Brooks after his interview with Noelle DeFabio.

Garth Brooks: He’s a dad before a country star

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Nico DeJesus is traveling the continent with the national tour of Newsies.

Nico DeJesus is ‘carrying the banner’ with Newsies

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Cuba Gooding Jr., a longtime hockey fan and recreational hockey player, is inspired by the game's great athletes. Here he talks to Hailey Rose Gattuso at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. (Photo by Michelle Ostrander)

Cuba Gooding Jr. finds inspiration on hockey’s red carpet

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Julie and Rusty Bulloch with their immediate family. (Photo courtesy of UPTV)

Bulloch family opens their ranch to young adults — and reality TV cameras too

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Hollywood casting agent Lisa London has discovered stars such as Miley Cyrus and Victoria Justice.

Hollywood casting director Lisa London offers a book full of advice

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Glee star Matthew Morrison, who was recently married, met with LSY reporter Rebekah Dunn.

Balancing business, Broadway and fame with ‘Glee’ star Matthew Morrison

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The Stars Talk Fame

Judy and Hilary Swank talk with LSY Hollywood reporter Emilie Hagen on the red carpet at the Looking Ahead Awards on December 4 in Los Angeles.

Judy & Hilary Swank: “There was a watershed moment”

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Nico DeJesus is traveling the continent with the national tour of Newsies.

Nico DeJesus is ‘carrying the banner’ with Newsies

By Amanda McNulty   Before “Carrying the … [Read More...]

Country legend Garth Brooks after his interview with Noelle DeFabio.

Garth Brooks: He’s a dad before a country star

By Noelle DeFabio    As I was sitting at … [Read More...]

Ben Reed, who plays Chris Kyle's father in the widely acclaimed film American Sniper, has managed to be a successful actor while still making his family his priority.

American Sniper’s Ben Reed aims high while staying grounded

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Mike Deleasa with Rachel Joachimi and Megan Rooney. (Photo by Tim O'Shei)

5 Cool Things We Learned from … Deleasa!

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LSY! Team Spotlight

Meet Graceanne Rumer, LSY! teen reporter, Philadelphia

Graceanne Rumer in front of Philadelphia's "Rocky" statue.

Graceanne Rumer in front of Philadelphia’s “Rocky” statue.

I’m thrilled Graceanne Rumer of Philadelphia is part of our Live! Starring … You! team, though when I first spoke with her, I never imagined she’d become part of it.

Graceanne and I got in touch for a story I was writing for Scholastic Inc.’s Scope magazine, a publication for middle school ELA students. I was working on a series of stories about teens who achieved something cool or amazing, and reached out to Graceanne because she was a lifesaver.


When Graceanne was in 12th grade, she saved 30 students on her school bus when her driver had a heart attack and fell to the floor. Graceanne, who’d gotten her driver’s license only days earlier, rushed to the front, took the wheel, guided the bus through a busy intersection and pulled safely off the road.

Her heroic, quick-thinking and courageous actions earned her national attention, including the reach-out from me on behalf of Scholastic.

During our call, Graceanne asked me about Live! Starring … You! (The sign of a good reporter – she’d done her homework on me!) She told me she was studying communications at Penn State Abington and was interested in getting involved. Her first interview, with tornado chaser Reed Timmer, was done with me over the phone. But since then, she’s been on site and on her own, working the red carpet and interviewing singer Doreen Taylor in Philadelphia, and covering a Demi Lovato Pop Tarts Crazy Good Summer concert, where she interviewed opener Chris Wallace.

Graceanne is a great reporter, a cool person and incredibly talented. And you know what’s interesting? Although I’m still impressed by her courageous actions on that school bus, I have to remind myself that it happened. When I talk to her, I think of her as one of our talented reporters — not simply as the girl who took the wheel of the bus. It’s a good reminder that none of us are defined by any single thing.

Tim O’Shei, LSY founder

Fun Graceanne Facts!

Most inspirational song: It’s a tie between “Beautiful Ending” by Barlowgirl and “Your Hand in Mine” by Explosions in the Sky. “Your Hand in Mine” doesn’t have any words but it always makes me calm down and feel better. 

Most unusual experience: Finishing high school and going to college. It just reminded me that there is life after high school and I’m growing up. That is really weird to think sometimes. Now, I’m already done my first year at college! Time flies by and I learned you really have to take advantage of everyday you get.

Career goal: To be a broadcaster on the radio, a journalist and a mommy

Key fashion item: sunglasses. I’m obsessed. 

Most proud of: Getting through my first year of college! Only three more to go!

Biggest inspiration: My family. They keep me on track with everything I do. 

Best part of living in Philadelphia: Cheesesteaks!

Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect! Also, I have been known to quote Princess Diaries 1&2 on a daily basis. Those movies will never get old for me.

Favorite book: Divergent! I cant wait for the movie to come out!

How and why you got involved in LSY!: Tim O’Shei did an interview on me for a magazine, and then he set me up to do one for myself! I wanted to get involved because it was something that really interested me and I thought it would be a good learning experience for my career!

Dream interview: Miranda Lambert, Demi Lovato or Jennifer Lawrence. They are all awesome!


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